31 Magical Words to Get More Facebook Shares and Re-Tweets [Infographic]

get more facebook likes

What if you are posting everyday to your blog and then sharing it on Facebook and tweeting out the post to your followers and no […]

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[Solved] Getting WordPress blog Redirected to a Justin Beiber Video

wordpress redirection problem

Today, I faced a weird WordPress redirection problem where my latest blog post “The Worst Blogging Advice I’ve Ever Got” was getting redirected to a YouTube video found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFngSCaY5nA. Since I am not a techie guy, I searched for a solution on the Internet and finally got my answer in the below links: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22923521/wordpress-blog-infected-with-html-refresh-meta-tag […]

The Worst Blogging Advice I’ve Ever Got

blogging advice

You’ll find lots of blogging advice scattered all over the internet. Maybe some worked for you whereas some didn’t. Did you ever think why didn’t the others work for you? The web world is such a place that everyone can come up and throw their opinions. However, you’ve to be careful about who you follow […]

How to take backup of your WordPress blog manually and restore the blog with backup


Taking backups of sites is almost an everyday task for bloggers and webmasters. You don’t know when your site will face security threat. It may crash anytime, due to hacks, server issues, or any other problems. And having a complete backup of your site, including files, databases will save you from losing years of hard […]

Did You Know Why Responsive Web Design Is Must For SEO in 2014?

responsive web design

Whenever you start a blog or website now, you want to make sure that it’s mobile compatible. What is it that makes to do this? Is it just because you don’t want to lose your mobile visitors or because you want to take the advantage of SEO? Ok, before I move ahead, here are few […]

10 Free and Best Magazine Style Responsive WordPress themes

free WordPress themes

Are you one of those who want to blog but not inspired yet spending on a Premium theme? Well, I have listed here 10 free WordPress themes and the best part is that they are responsive and magazine style. 10 Responsive Best and Free WordPress WordPress themes Responsive themes help your website or blog to […]

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