My Secret Blog Commenting Strategies That Increased My Website Traffic

increase website traffic

Imagine if you could use one simple blog commenting strategy, commenting on a handful of your favorite blogs everyday and increase website traffic. Or even […]

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WordPress Hack: Find the WordPress Plugins Used By Any Website

WordPress Plugin used by any site

WordPress plugins are quite tempting because you get to display awesome features on your website without having to code it manually. Just install and play with a little configuration settings, if needed. If you’re visiting websites and suddenly see some interesting element on a popular website, all you want to know is the plugin or […]

How to Customize Genesis ENews Extended Widget

Customize Genesis ENews Extended

Do you like the opt-in form I’ve placed at the end of my posts, in the sidebar and in the footer offering something exclusive to my readers? If yes, then this article is for you – I’ll show you how to create these opt-in forms at different places of your blog or should I say customize […]

How to Install WordPress Manually on Plesk Parallels

Install WordPress Manually on Plesk

Last week, I was working on a website designing project for one of my clients and it was the first time I was working on Plesk. I had installed WordPress on cPanel several times but never worked on Plesk. That was the first time I got the opportunity to work on Plesk and learned how […]

How to Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in Your Blog Sidebar Even If You Don’t Know Coding

Create 125 X 125 Ad Space in Your Blog Sidebar

Want to monetize your blog and create 125 x 125 ad spaces on your blog like I have on mine? Heck, you don’t have to know those coding languages – HTML, PHP or CSS. I’ll share a super simple way to get that code without even you writing a single line of code (oh, don’t […]

How Did I Make Money Online Without a Blog (And How You Can Too!)

make money online

If you want to know one way to make money online fast without a blog, you cannot ignore this: Sample articles, blog posts or designs ghostwritten or designed without your credit for your past clients doesn’t work anymore. So… What can you offer your clients that can land you the best-paying freelancing gig in the […]

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