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10 Free WordPress Plugins to Track Traffic to a WordPress Site


Today, the one website any blogger flocks to is WordPress. This website has changed the face of blogging. The extremely simple procedure of writing a blog and adding images has led to new blogs being posted every minute on this portal. However, the basic reason, any person starts a blog is to setup a revenue […]

How To Set Custom Username For Facebook Fan Page

custom username facebook

Creating a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is one of the best ways to promote and brand your site. The first thing you generally do after starting a blog to get the first 100 visitors is share your newly launched blog or site on social media. That’s where you already have friends […]

How to point domain from Namecheap to Hostgator

Point domain from namecheap to hostgator

When I first started blogging, I bought my domain on NameCheap and hosting on Hostgator. It was all new to me then, and I didn’t even know that I had to point the domain to the hosting. I learned it all the hard way with much research and own efforts. The most common situation I […]

3 Traffic Generation Techniques Beginner Bloggers Can’t Do Without


When I started blogging an year ago, almost every article out there on the Internet I’d read would say to write great article, promote it using social media, comment on a handful of blogs and wait for the traffic to come. Seems simple. Right? Unfortunately, most beginner bloggers follow this but actually, the amount of […]

[Back After Break] – With the Happiest Moment of my life [Wedding News with Pics] & More…


Hello again to all my friends, I missed you all and missed the blogging journey with PastMasterBlogger that I started a year ago. If you check my last post, I published on 31st October, and for two full months I was on a break, busy with my wedding plans and arrangements. The big news is […]

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