10 Best and Free Backlinks Checker Tools to Check Backlinks of Your Website

Keep these free backlinks checker tools because you need them from time to time, at least once a month.

If you don’t keep a regular check on your backlinks, your competitors might hurt your search engine rankings by linking you to all the malicious sites and decreasing your rankings.

What if they can’t beat you directly, some of them are brutal enough to kick you from the back and throw you off while they go up in the mean time.

Though the game of SEO has changed a lot and backlinks are not alone the ranking factors for search engine rankings, yet search engines does consider backlinks from as a signal to rank a site high.

free backlinks checker toolsHowever, I am not talking about backlinks from private blog networks or irrelevant sites. These sites are no more a valuable source of links and most of the times end up as spam. You need backlinks from highly authoritative and relevant sites.

Besides, you also need to count the number of do-follow and no-follow backlinks coming to your site. When talking about backlinks, we usually consider the number of do-follow links we created. As a blogger, you need these handy blogging tools very often.

So, to keep an eye on the sites linking back to you, if you are a prey to some malicious competitor or just a regular check on your backlinks, I’ve created this guide where I’ll talk about the best and free backlinks checker tools to check the incoming links to your site.

List of 10 Handy Free Backlinks Checker Tools

There are many premium tools in the market such as SEMRUSH and Traffic Travis but you’ll love these free tools too! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially, if you’re a beginner with limited budget to spend, these tools will come handy in the beginning of your blogging career.

Don’t think that these tools are free means they give away all wrong information about backlinks, the premium tools provide with lots of extra features that aren’t available in the free version.

1. Ahrefs

free backlinks checker toolsThis is one of my favorite backlinks checker tools to check for incoming links to your site. It’s a paid tool but you can use it for free with limited features if you register for an account.

With the free version, you can check a maximum of 10 backlinks per request and you can analyze 2 domains per request. You won’t get access to any social signals of the pages in the free version. Check the tool here.

2. Open Site Explorer

free backlinks checker toolsThis is another backlinks checker tool by Moz that I love using. It gives a list of all metrics worthy enough for a detailed analysis. It works best if you have a paid account but comes quite handy for beginners to analyze backlinks of competitors. You can also get a list of the top performing pages of a website. Check the tool here.

3. OpenLinkProfiler

free backlinks checker toolsThis is a great tool I love using personally not only because it’s free but also provides many features showing up to 200,000 links per report. You will get a list of the pages that are linking to each of your site’s page or homepage along with the anchor text and the date the link was added. You also get an idea of the link influence score (that is the popularity of the website pointing to your site).

You can also check the link age. However, you need to create a free account with them to export up to 100,000 links in csv format. Check the tool here.

4. BackLinkWatch

free backlinks checker toolsThis tool is also in my list that I use quite often. It gives up to 1000 links per report and is powered by Ahrefs. All the no-follow links are tagged, so you can count easily and you can also check the anchor texts of the respective link. So, even if you can’t upgrade to the paid membership in Ahrefs, you can take advantage of this tool to get at least 1000 links of your competitors. Check the tool here.

5. WebMeUp

free backlinks checker toolsAnother great tool that shows up to 1000 backlinks per report. You can export the links in csv format with a trial account. The best thing I love about this tool is it shows the percentage of do-follow and no-follows links for a domain, percentages by anchor text, if they are in image or text format and also the exact anchor text. So, the tool is a definite choice for optimizing your anchor texts for better search engine rankings. Check the tool here.

6. MoonSearch

free backlinks checker toolsThis is another free tool and lets you check as many backlinks are there in their index. But one thing I don’t like about MoonSearch is that they don’t show referring domains, total backlinks or any other filtration options individually. Check the tool here.

7. Monitor Backlinks

free backlinks checker toolsYou can use this tool to check the incoming links, if they are do-follow or no-follow and the anchor text. You can check up to 10 results without signing up. Check the tool here.

8. RankSignals

free backlinks checker toolsAnother free and good backlinks checker tool worth mentioning in the list is RankSignals.You can get a count of the no-follow and the do-follow links pointing to your site and also a count of the number of unique domains pointing to your site. The best thing I love about this tool is that it shows the homepage PR of the site and the link anchor text. Check the tool here.

9. Site Explorer

free backlinks checker toolsThe ninth on the list is Site Explorer. This gives a general view of the common domains that are linking to your site but no break-up of the pages from that domain linking to your site. It’s a good tool for a very rough estimate, but not for detailed analysis. Check the tool here.

10. BackLinkTest

free backlinks checker toolsThis tool will give you a list of some of the links coming to your website. This isn’t an excellent tool but good enough for rough use. However, one thing that I don’t like in this tool are its pop-up ads after clicking the “Go” button to check the links. Check the tool here.

So, using this list of blogging tools, you should at least get an idea of where your competitors are linking to and get better search engine ranking in your case. All of these are free backlink checker tools, though for some of them you need a trial account of there are limitations to the number of links you can get per report.

Have you used any of these free backlinks checker tools? Did you get accurate results? Would you like to add any more tools to this list?

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  1. says

    Hi Mainak,

    For a newbie it is really important to get good backlinks. But many bloggers face problem in it because of some spammy bloggers who try to harm their blog with bad links other websites. I always wonder how to get backlinks from famous blogs. But by passing through many I have learnt that making bonds with bloggers and readers is much important.

    For the checking of bad links we need to use these free tools. I use Ahrefs from which I get the proper idea about my baclinks. All the other tools are responsive. Bloggers should try these tools, specially beginners. We all know that beginners don’t have much knowledge about backlinks. Are they bad or good? It is supposed to figure out about the baclink checkers for newbies.

    • says

      Hi Ravi,

      Welcome to the blog. Yes, bonding with other bloggers in your niche and your readers as well is very important… I totally agree.

      These backlinks checkers here are all good, because I have personally tested my backlinks through them and the results showing were indeed correct. And I think every beginner should check their backlinks at least once a month to get an overview of how they are progressing and if they have any spammy links coming or not.

  2. says

    Hello Mainak,
    Really these were some of the most amazing tools to check the backlinks of our website. Backlinks play an important role in SERP’s so we should keep a time to time check on it.

    Thanks for sharing such ultimate tools with us.

    Have a great day :)

  3. says

    Hi Mainak,

    I haven’t used any of these and I wouldn’t exactly know what the heck I was even looking at to be honest with you. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the behind the scenes stuff but I haven’t been hit horribly by Google so it must be okay I guess.

    I think in the past I’ve used Site Explorer when it was Yahoo’s to check links but that was for my other affiliate sites. I don’t believe I’ve ever used it for my blog. Tells you what I know right!

    Thanks for this list though and maybe one day I’ll understand how to use it properly.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Actually, these days because of so much back-stabbing and competitors linking a good site to some spammy site just to rise up the ladders of Google, these tools are needed. I think everyone, who either has a blog or a website, should check the incoming links to their website using these free tools and make sure that they are not targeted by some malicious competitor.

      Thanks for the honest comment though and hope you benefit using these tools some day.


  4. says

    These Plugins are really worth trying. Especially Ahrefs and Opensite explorer by Moz. These tools helped me analyze my competitors backlink and work on them. Ahrefs update our backlink every week.

  5. says

    Hi maniak,

    Looking for a backlink checker and did a Google Search…Adrienne Smith (a friend) had given you a thumbs up, so I decided to come and read.

    You have several listed that I had never seen before. On a short budget so was really
    checking out the free!

    Thank you for your thoughtful assessment of those you have listed.
    Makes a long day a little shorter.

    • says

      Hi Cararta,

      Nice to know that Adrienne is your friend, she is one of my friends too. :)

      Bloggers and marketers lead such a busy day that these kind of tools are really needed and come handy, and free is an icing on the cake when our budget is short.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to get you know more.



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